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The following is information about Arctic arts shared by IAS members that we believe might be of interest to other Arctic arts lovers.

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If you have an item related to Inuit art, submissions are accepted in writing at We prefer to link to sites who provide reciprocal links back to us. New listings are added quarterly.



  • Vancouver Olympics Sculpture Exhibition

    Documentary of the “Northern Games  at the Olympic Games” exhibition at Canada’s Northern House Pavillion during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

  • Movie - Kiviuq - The Secret Bible of the InuitAtanarjuat – Fast Runner

    2002. Available on DVD and through Netflix.

    This was the first commercially successful film to explore Inuit culture. In this Cannes Film Festival award winner, two Inuit brothers (Amaqjuaq, the Strong One, and Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner) struggle to save their nomadic tribe from evil. Atanarjuat romances the beautiful Atuat, much to the chagrin of the arrogant son of the tribe leader, Oki, who won’t stand escapes. Filmed with Inuit actors in Inuktitut (with English sub-titles).



The following list of26 books come from the Home and Away Gallery of Arctic Arts and Jewelry’s library.

  1. Masters of the Arctic: Art in the Service of the Earth
    Amway Environmental Foundation et al.
  2. Art Inuit: Contemporary Sculpture and Print of the Canadian Eskimo, Fragments Editions
    Baud, Claude; Brice, Irene; Jacot, Michel
    (France), 1997
  3. The Coming and Going of the Shaman: Eskimo Shamanism and Art
    Blodgett, Jean
    The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1978
  4. Grasp Tight the Old Ways: Selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art
    Blodgett, Jean
    Art Gallery of Ontario, 1983
  5. Three Women, Three Generations: Drawings by Pitseolak Ashoona, Napachie Pootoogook and Shuvinai Ashoona
    Blodgett, Jean
    McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 1999
  6. Strange Scenes: Early Cape Dorset Drawings
    Blodgett, Jean and Gustavison, Susan
    McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 1993
  7. Carved from the Land: the Eskimo Museum Collection
    Brandson, Lorraine E.
    Churchill, Manitoba Eskimo Museum, 1993
  8. Sculpture/Inuit
    Canadian Eskimo Arts Council
    Univerity of Toronto Press, 1971
  9. Inuit Art: a History
    Crandall, Richard C.
    McFarland & Co., Inc., Publishers, 2000
  10. The Inuit Amautik: I Like My Hood to Be Full
    Driscoll, Bernadette
    The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1980
  11. Arctic Expressions: Inuit Art and the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council 1961-1989
    Gustavison, Susan
    McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 1994
  12. Northern Rock: Contemporary Inuit Stone Sculpture
    Gustavison, Susan
    McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 1999
  13. Inuit Art
    Hessel, Ingo
    Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1998
  14. Inuit Art, an Anthology
    Houston, Alma (editor)
    Watson & Dyer Publishing, 1988
  15. Inuit Women Artists
    Leroux, Odette et al
    Chronicle Books, 1996
  16. Lords of the Stone: an Anthology of Eskimo Sculpture
    MacDuff, Alistari and Galpin, George M.
    Whitecap Books, 1983
  17. Canadian Arctic Prehistory
    McGhee, Robert
    Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec, 1990
  18. Things Made by Inuit
    Myers, Marybelle
    La Federation des Cooperatives du Nouveau Quebec, 1980
  19. Napachie Pootoogook
    Ryan, Leslie Boyd and Wight, Darlene Coward
    The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2004
  20. Guardians of Memory: Sculpture-Women of Nunavik
    Saucier, Celine
    L’Instant Meme, 1998
  21. The Inuit Imagination
    Seidelman, Harold and Turner, James
    Douglas & McIntyre, 1993
  22. Image Inuit du Nouveau Quebec
    Saucier, Celine and Kedl, Eugen
    Musee de la Civlisation
  23. Sculpture of the Inuit
    Swinton, George
    McClelland and Stewart, 1972 (revised 1999)
  24. Celebrating Inuit Art 1948 – 1970
    Von Finckenstein, Maria
    Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, 1999
  25. Art & Expression of the Netsilik
    Wight, Darlene Coward
    The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2000
  26. The First Passionate Collector: the Ian Lindsay Collection of Inuit Art
    Wight, Darlene Coward
    The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1990

This represents a partial list from their larger library and is presented here with their kind permission. It does not appear that these books are for sale through Home and Away, but Amazon  or would be good sources.

Special thanks to IAS board member Claude Weil for submitting this valuable list and obtaining permission for incorporation into the IAS website.


  • Inuit Art FoundationInuit Art Foundation

    The Inuit Art Foundation exists to facilitate the creative expressions of Inuit artists and to foster a broader understanding of these expressions worldwide.


  • Dennos Museum CenterDennos Museum Center

    The Dennos Museum Center’s Inuit art collection boasts one of the largest and most historically complete public collections of contemporary sculpture, prints and drawings by the Inuit artists of the Canadian Arctic to be found in the United States. This major collection is permanently showcased in the Power Family Inuit Gallery, where the works are presented in new exhibitions annually.


  • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western ArtEiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

    The Eiteljorg’s Native American art and artifacts come from all regions of North America, from the Southeast to the Arctic.



  • Inuktitut MagazineInuktitut Magazine

    The Inuktitut Magazine is distributed to 52 Inuit communities in Nunatsiavut (Labrador), Nunavik (northern Quebec), Nunavut and the Inuvialuit area of the Northwest Territories, reaching most Inuit households with a circulation of 13,000. The magazine appears in Inuktitut – both syllabics and Roman orthography – as well as English and French. Since 1959, Inuktitut has been Canada’s longest-publishing Inuktitut-language periodical.


  • Adventure CanadaAdventure Canada Newsletter

    (2010 IAS Meeting Sponsor)

    Adventure Canada has become one of the foremost specialists in Canada & the Arctic. Their educational programs and fun, casual spirit bring people back to travel with them year after year.




Alaska On Madison

As the Society’s only commercial gallery member, we welcome you to visit our website and enjoy the works we present, including the annual print collection from Cape Dorset.


    • Native Art Traders

      We are proud to present the work of many of the finest artists working in the Canadian Arctic today. All wall hangings, dolls, prints, traditional clothing and sculpture offered by Native Art Traders are of the highest quality. Each bears the ”igloo tag” certifying its authenticity as handmade by Inuit.



      • James A. CorriganJames A. Corrigan

        Are you looking for a reputable craftsman to repair your Inuit and native American artifacts?  James comes highly recommended for his ability, integrity and fairness.

        PO Box 2044,
        Apache Junction, AZ 85217-2044.
        (480) 474-0489.

      • The Chicago Conservation CenterThe Chicago Conservation Center

        This repair service comes highly recommended.

        Testimonial: “A walrus had fins broken off, and damaged tusks. A whale had the tail broken off. The repairs were flawless: almost undetectable. They made replacement tusks. Shipping was handled well. Overall a really good experience. It took longer than expected because a part of their staff became involved in salvage operations during the floods in Iowa this year, but they were very good about keeping me informed. So should misfortune strike, I really recommend these professionals.”

        730 N. Franklin St, Suite 201
        Chicago IL 60610
        312 944 5401


  • How do I submit a listing?

    If you have an item related to Inuit art, submissions are accepted in writing at We prefer to link to sites who provide reciprocal links back to us. New listings are added quarterly.