Susie Silook featured at the 2017 IAS Meeting

Siberian Yup’ik/Inupiaq artist Susie Silook will be the featured artist as the 2017 Inuit Art Society Meeting in Corning New York on October 27-29.

Silook is a Siberian Yup’ik/Inupiaq artist, writer, and activist. She’s best known for the ethereal female figures she creates from walrus ivory and whalebone. While inspired by ancient ceremonial dolls depicting animal motifs, Silook’s figures confront issues familiar to contemporary Native women, including the violence so many face.

As part of the 2017 IAS Meeting, Silook will discuss her art and the issues it confronts.

Susie Silook images from the Craft and Folk Art Museum

(Photos of Silook’s work from The Craft & Folk Art Museum via Art Blart)

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