2023 Annual Meeting of the Inuit Art Society

September 28 to October 1, 2023, in Brunswick, Maine

This fall we traveled to Maine! Brunswick is the home of Bowdoin College and its renowned Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Program. We are working with the college and museum to create some special programming for this year’s meeting.

slide with information on the 2023 Inuit Art Society Meeting and pictures of Brunswick Maine

2023 Conference

The museum is in the process of relocating to a new space in May.  As part of our program, we visited the museum, with curators. Current exhibits included “Collections and Recollections” featuring their original collection and its expansion through newer acquisitions. The second exhibition spotlights five Inuit photographers and is co-curated by Inupiak photographer, Brian Adams.

The conference included both in-person and virtual presentations.

Speakers attending the conference included:

  • Dr. Nelson H. Graburn, anthropology, Berkeley
  • Krista Ulujuk Zawadski, Inuk researcher, curator, and PhD Candidate
  • Brian Adams and Jennie Williams, Inuit photographers featured in the exhibition.

Virtual presenters included:

  •  Inuit sculptors Pits Qimirpik and Toonoo Sharky, as well as gallery owner Bryan Hellwig from Northern Collectables Inuit Art in Iqaluit. Billy Gauthier also made an last minute appearance thanks to the magic of the internet.
  • Artists who have done presentations for our society within the last year join us for a “What are They Doing Now” virtual update. These artists include Eva Noah, Vera Grundberg, and Drew Ann Wake.

See the full program for more information.

About Brunswick

You’ll find a variety of things to see and do in Brunswick, Maine, a historic and picturesque New England town established in 1628.

Previous meetings

See program and event information and photos from previous meetings.

Virtual Meetings

The IAS now holds occasional virtual meetings via zoom.

IAS members will automatically receive a link. If you are not a member and are interested in attending a virtual meeting, contact us for more information or go ahead and become a member!

Upcoming Virtual Meeting

No virtual meetings are currently scheduled.

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Past Virtual Meetings

Past virtual meetings include show-and-tell presentations featuring favorite works from the collections of members of the Inuit Art Society (IAS) and the Arctic Arts and Culture Society (AACS) in Vancouver, BC, with one show-and-tell focusing on prints, carvings, and wall hangings illustrating Inuit legends.

Our most recent virtual meeting was built around the theme of transformation. You can see the presentation slides here.

The previous meeting featured shamanic pieces by Judas Ullulaq, Charlie Ugjuk, Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok, Josiah Nuilaalik, and Floyd Kuptana. (You can view the presentation slides here.)

photo of Inuit art featured in a virtual meeting on Shamans and Shamanism

Other meetings featured Inupiaq watercolorist Amanda Jane Davison from Elim, Alaska, Baker Lake textile artist, Eva Noah, whose grandmother was Jessie Oonark, Inuk artist David Merkuratsuk who uses pointillism in his work, and Alaskan artist Vera Shoogukwruk, a a Siberian Yupik/Inupiaq from St. Lawrence Island and White Mountain Alaska who has produced a beautiful collection of parkas, kamiks, mukluks, mittens, and jewelry. Other speakers included Michael Warren from the Madrona Gallery in Victoria, BC and Simon Griffiths, the owner of ABoriginArt, a virtual gallery located in Vancouver, BC.


Other news

Making Art on Top of the World

From the New York Times: Near the Arctic Circle, Shuvinai Ashoona, a star of the Venice Biennale, and her community of Inuit artists refuse to let isolation stand in their way.

Read the full story here. (Limited free access.)

Houston’s Mattiusi webisode

As usual, John Houston is busy telling the stories of the north and its people. That includes a short film that follows Mattiusi Iyaituk as he creates the “Flying Shaman” sculpture. Read more and get links in our post.