Biography of Mike Foor-Pessin

Mike Foor-Pessin is currently teaching English on both the high school and college levels. Recently, his teaching has expanded beyond the classroom into offering educational seminars on the use of mindfulness and mythological thinking to create the cosmological classroom. Three years ago, he established the Inuit Art Enthusiasts Facebook group, a social media community that celebrates Inuit art and culture by joining together all the major stakeholders so that each group can share its story about the value of Inuit art and culture.

As the current president of the Inuit Art Society, he, along with other board members, is working to forward the mission of the society to provide education and support for the culture, the art forms, and the artists of the Arctic region. An amazing collection of Inuit art loaned by IAS members was featured in an exhibition that was held at the Kenosha Public Museum in October of 2016. Mike along with society members Lou Jungheim, Thalia Nicas and Richard Mohr, published the exhibition catalog, “Tunnganarniq: Sharing Our Inuit Art Treasure.”

Foor-Pessin’s passion for Inuit art and culture began in the mid-1970s and continues to burn bright.