Inuit Art Society Virtual Programs – 2021

The Inuit Art Society proudly presented seven virtual programs in 2021, featuring a variety of works by Inuit artists from Canada and Alaska. From 20 to 30 homes logged in to attend each event.

Three show-and-tell presentations featured favorite works from the collections of members of the Inuit Art Society (IAS) and the Arctic Arts and Culture Society (AACS) in Vancouver, BC, with one show-and-tell focusing on prints, carvings, and wall hangings illustrating Inuit legends.

Two artists were featured in separate events:

  • Young Inupiaq watercolorist Amanda Jane Davison from Elim, Alaska,
  • Baker Lake textile artist, Eva Noah, whose grandmother was Jessie Oonark

Additionally, Michael Warren from the Madrona Gallery in Victoria, BC shared pieces from his personal Inuit art collection as well as some unique pieces he has in his gallery.

Simon Griffiths, the owner of ABoriginArt, a virtual gallery located in Vancouver, BC, presented a virtual marketplace offering carvings, prints, and wall hangings for sale online. IAS and AACS members were treated to a virtual tour of his gallery and to view some of the lovely pieces he has for sale.