Looking for a Home for Your Inuit Art?

Eventually the time comes to find a new home for a beloved collection. Here are some suggestions for individuals who wish to either sell or donate some or all of the art from their collections


Give your collection to a museum

Read this interesting piece by IAS member, Bob O’Hara, who shared this
with other IAS members at the October, 2009 annual meeting at the Dennos
Museum Center in Traverse City, MI. » Read more

Sell your collection through an auction house

There are two major Canadian auction houses that have Inuit art specialists and hold semi-annual auctions of Inuit and First Nations art.  Other auction houses may offer Inuit art on an irregular or regular basis, but not to the extent of the two companies listed below.


Inuit art specialists since 1978, Waddington’s in Toronto, Canada, is a respected auction house that will help you value and sell your piece(s).

Inuit art specialist: Christa Quimet, 416.847.6184

Walkers Auctions

Walkers Auctions in Ottawa, Canada, conducts two major auctions of Inuit and First Nations art annually in May and November.  Ingo Hessel is a well-respected curator and author who has been involved with Inuit art for over 30 years.

Contact: Inuit Art Specialist Ingo Hessel

Sell on consignment or outright to a gallery


Sell through the  IAS

Sell through the IAS Marketplace

The online IAS Marketplace website offers members of the Inuit Art Society an opportunity to sell individual pieces.

Sell at the IAS Annual Meeting

Members may sell up to three pieces at each IAS Annual Meeting without any remuneration taken by the IAS.

Special Note: IAS is not qualified to either identify or value pieces. IAS members are able to use the Marketplace page on the IAS website to communicate pieces for sale. This is a courtesy offered to members and no commission is taken by the IAS. However, a donation to the IAS designated for use by its Charitable Giving Committee would be appreciated.