Exploring the Land of the Inuit via Four Decades of Canoeing Arctic Rivers

A brief summary of Bob O’Hara’s presentation

Bob’s discussion revealed the remarkable conditions that he and his companions encountered and conquered — a truly eye-opener for all of us — on each of his many northerly journeys. Bob and his companions were the first to have descended down the Quoich and Arrowsmith rivers in Nunavut. Of particular note was the detailed planning that was required to insure success which, at its most fundamental, was equivalent to survival. Along with the factual aspect of his many trips, Bob’s humorous anecdotes, particularly dealing with things we take for granted, made his presentation a very memorable one.

Bob is a retired secondary school educator in biology and coach. He is still quite active as an athletic official for swimming, track and field, cross country running and Nordic skiing. He is also a member of the New York Explorers Club and holds memberships in numerous other outdoor and environmental organizations.