2015 Inuit Art Society Annual Meeting – Agenda

Inuit Art Society

Minneapolis Annual Meeting – October 9-11, 2015

 “Off The Island”

(Exploring the Inuit and Art of the Kivalliq Region; Greenlandic Artist Jonas Faber)

Friday, October 9

4:00-6:00   Registration opens

6:30 p.m.    Evening reception – cash bar, munchies; Marketplace open

7:15 –         Welcome –      IAS President Lou Jungheim

Canadian Consul General Jamshed Merchant

Introduction of guest artist and speakers

Jonas Faber, guest artist – remarks on a remarkable life

Saturday, October 10 

8:00-9:00     Registration

8:30             Marketplace open

9:00           Opening Remarks and schedule (Planning Committee)

9:15          Ole Gjerstad – LIVES THAT MAKE ART: A Filmmaker’s

Perspective on the History of the People of Kivalliq

10:15          Break

10:30        Norman Zepp – Introduction to the Kivalliq (Keewatin) region

11:30        Jonas Faber – Norse& Inuit Mythologic themes in my art

12:30- 1:30  Box Lunch, mingle, Marketplace (Jonas Faber all afternoon)

1:30           Norman Zepp – Art of the Kivalliq region – Classic Minimalism

2:30          Michael Foor-Pessin – Finding a Way In:  A Collector’s

Perspective on Art from the Kivalliq

3:30-3:45      Break

3:45         Jan Sivertson – Native Alaskan Dolls

4:30         IAS Annual Business Meeting

5:00         Marketplace closes

6:30          Social Hour (cash bar)

7:30           Annual Dinner

Sunday, October 11

8:30-Noon    Marketplace

9:30   Norman Zepp , panel discussion – current art of the Kivalliq

region  (Mike Foor-Pessin, Ole Gjerstad?)

10:30    Break

10:45    Jonas Faber – carving school and quarry in BC, World heritage

sites in Greenland?

11:30             Closing Remarks

After 1:30    Member house tours – O’Hara/Phillips & Carlsson

2015 Meeting Highlights